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    @appliftr, how you create this: ?


    @Peter John, I used the following code:

    .hp-listing__header {

    @isaab sorry for my late reply.
    You have to create each button as an Attribute.
    On your WordPress admin dashboard go to Listings > Attributes.
    Click on Add New.
    Complete the fields
    Select the corresponding icon.
    Place the following code on each Format field:

    <a href="tel:%value%">%icon% %label%</a>

    <a href="mailto:%value%">%icon% %label%</a>

    <a href="%value%">%icon% %label%</a>

    Keep in mind that:
    %value% will show whatever the user has input in the attribute,
    %icon% will show the icon you select for that Attribute
    %label% will show the title you have typed in for the Attribute.

    Let me know if this helps.


    @appliftr what are the techniques you have used to increase your sitespeed for:


    @tech57online thanks for checking out my website! I used WP fastest cache plugin. Google for “wp fastest cache settings”, I used the settings that the first blog recommended. Still have some speed improvements to do, but I first want to finish setting everything up.


    @vdrive6 I basically did what @cventuram explained but used Font Awesome, so you’ll need to incorporate that into your website. My codes for each of the fields are:

    <a href="" target="_blank"><i class="fab fa-instagram"></i><span class="contact-text"><span></a>

    <i class=”fas fa-phone-alt”></i><span class=”contact-text”><span>

    <i class=”fas fa-globe-americas”></i><span class=”contact-text”><span>

    Don’t forget to set the attribute types for each of them to work (eg. URL for website and Instagram and phone number for phone).

    The icons float next to each other with the following code:

    .hp-listing--view-page .hp-listing__attributes--primary .hp-listing__attribute {
    	display: inline;

    Good luck!


    okay, thanks @appliftr


    @appliftr thanks. your recommendations worked for me. Now, my site pagespeed got increased.
    can i contact you personally? my email:


    @tech57online of course! I sent you an email.


    @appliftr, how to remove small border under icon and how to center the icons?


    Hi all, running, but seems when submitting a business it just refreshes the form and does not submit it, anyone have similar issues?

    ihor developer

    @Thrower82 You can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue. Please don’t post other issues or replies here, this topic is for posting site URLs only.


    Hey Cventuram,
    Love your site(, both the old and new.
    How can i make the header transparent on my website ( in order to make the photo appear behind it ?


    We just finished our Montessori inspired school and activity guide using HivePress for the schools listings. There are a few other items we included such as Q&A forums with quite a few theme customizations:
    Montessori Wiki

    Let us know what you think!


    @xtsonik, it would be great if there’s 3rd party login service such as Google & Facebook.

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