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    Would you share also the theme you created for this website? Hivesite right?

    At least to people who bought Taskhive 🙂

    It would be great to study it and learn something in order to understand how to integrate something in Taskhive 🙂




    It’s a custom theme developed specifically for HivePress website, it’s not based on HivePress. It’s just a lightweight theme build on this CSS framework with payment features for HivePress Store. Unfortunately, I can’t share its source code because this may make the HivePress website insecure.


    Ok, I understand!

    I saw Bulma css and I really like how it works, I also found some themes based on it and are really responsive!

    Is also Taskhive built on it?


    ListingHive and TaskHive are based on this framework It’s the same for all HivePress themes, I tried to keep it as lightweight as possible (it’s not based on Bulma because it conflicts with third-party plugin styles).

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