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How can I add Contact Number in User Profile settings

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  • princleo94


    How can I add the contact number of the user and is it possible to show that on listing page under user profile.

    ihor developer


    If you mean the listing author unfortunately there’s no such option at the moment, but I’ll add this feature as soon as possible (so it will be possible to add attributes in the same way as for listings).

    ihor developer

    You can consider adding the contact number as a listing attribute (as a workaround), but users will have to set it every time they add a listing.


    I tried that, but can you just help me adding input type=’tel’ with patter (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Will be much appreciated. As right now, the input field type is number and it displays separately with commas and that format is not relevant with contact number

    ihor developer

    As far as I know this input type is not supported in all browsers except Safari I plan to add a separate field type for phone numbers (with the country code selection), please consider the text field for now (number fields will format phone numbers as regular numbers).

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