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How can I change the title of an hivepress page

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    How would I exactly overwrite the title of the settings hivepress page. I also checked the seo plugin that we are using and couldnt find anything that could be messing with the title.

    Thx. in advance.

    yevhen developer

    Please let me know which page you mean, if you mean the back-end HivePress/Settings page it is not indexed by the search engines and SEO plugins do not affect the back-end pages. The front-end user account page (My Account/Settings) is also private (search engines will not index it since it requires a user account).

    I mean this page:

    yevhen developer

    If you mean the page title displayed before the form please try changing it via Loco Translate, or you can also override this template completely by adding a custom one in HivePress/Templates section.

    I think there is a misunderstanding, because Im talking about this title:

    yevhen developer

    It seems to be overridden by some SEO plugin, the plugin does not recognize this page since it is a static template not available as a page in WordPress/Pages. Please check the SEO plugin settings.


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