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How can I make a full width header image with hivepress?

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  • sean-s

    Like how @TMDPEG has his.


    They’re using the same header as on the demo site I don’t know if you started with the demo content (there’s a screencast showing how to import it in the docs), but you can add the same banner by using the “More” separator block in the home page content, content above it will be displayed with the background (remember to check the “Hide content before…” option for this block so the content will not be duplicated).


    I did it but search filed in the center of the banner, not like on your demo example.
    I don’t use demo data because already created all categories and attributes
    Please explain exactly how you did this header


    Here’s a screenshot of the demo home page in the editor, with the “more” block settings on the right Hope this helps.

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