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How can i Set up text wrapping in a card

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  • approve24

    Hello, please tell me what needs to be changed so that all the attributes in the card are displayed one below the other, and not in a row

    ihor developer

    Please consider assigning these attributes to the “Block (secondary)” areas and leaving only 1-2 primary attributes in “Block (primary)”, this would be the best way to resolve this without CSS customizations.


    Probably I will do so

    Wouldn’t it be great if, when hovering over an attribute, a tooltip was displayed, or I didn’t configure something?

    ihor developer

    If you mean some kind of extra text for users you can try setting this display format for the attribute:

    <span title="Custom text here">%value%</span>

    Then if someone hovers on the attribute value the “Custom text here” should be displayed.


    Yes! Thanks

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