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How did you get layout of HIve Blog page?

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  • liza

    Trying to do what you have done on your Hive blog page with the formatting of posts (category, photo, headline, excerpt, etc.). Is it a plugin or other theme, please?


    I have found a bunch of plugins so I’ll try those.


    If you mean this page there’re no plugins – it’s the default ListingHive blog layout, but if you mean the HivePress blog there’s a completely different theme, it just has a minimalistic design so it looks similar.


    I second that question. Because did get completely different layout… is there a shortcode hivepress block for that? Or any documentation? Or I missing something again?

    PS: I am asking about the “default” ListingHive blog layout as shown here:


    Never mind – I found the solution – its rather simple just forgot to choose a Blog page under Customization tab! Duuuhh…

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