How do i enable the map on search?

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    I have been trying to resolve this problem. The map won’t show on my search bar but Google Maps Platform API Checker says its already working properly
    please check my website at and try do a search
    It says ‘This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.’
    and I found this error on chrome inspect element > console
    js?libraries=places&callback=hivepress.initGeolocation&key=(myapikey)&language=en&region=US:78 This API key is not authorized to use this service or API. Places API error: ApiTargetBlockedMapError
    Its supposed to be a place in the philippines.
    Please help


    its working now…i enabled the google maps places api


    Thanks for posting the solution, there should be 3 APIs enabled: Places, Geocoding and Maps. I’ll go ahead and close this topic.

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