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How does @Region’s work?

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  • Stivi


    i need some help regarding the Regions. I dont understand how it works. I created a Region, which is called “Tirana”, i tried adding a listing within this Region, but with the exact address, and the count is still 0. When i open the Region page it shows some blog posting from which mentions “Tirana”. Is this a bug? is this how it is supposed to work? how is the Region connected to listing address.

    Please help.

    BTW this is a very nice feature for my webpage. Thanks a lot guys!

    ihor developer

    Regions are completely automatic and generated based on the listing location. Please try setting location for any listing (create a new one or update existing), new regions should be generated. Then, if some region is available you can try searching by it (e.g. some region within a country) and all listings from this region should appear (so if the region is entered there’s a region-based search instead of a radius-based search).

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