How I can change the templates?

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    I created a child-theme. What’s next? How I can change the template of “listing-category” page, for example?


    For example, I want to completely remove the counter on the category page and category block on the front page.


    Second: I want remove the category image from the “listing-category” page (nor from the block on the front page).


    If you just want to hide something or change some styles then you don’t have to override templates, e.g. you can hide the category count with this CSS snippet:

    .hp-listing-category__item-count {display:none}

    You can add custom CSS to the child theme’s style.css file or in Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS section.


    Well, I can hide the counter, as you said via CSS. But what about category page cover? How I can hide its image via CSS? Thanks.


    I mean, of course, I can add: background-image:none !important to the .header-hero–cover. But the image itself is loading every time I refresh the page. It’s not good from the page size optimization point of view.


    If you add “background-image:none!important” rule for the header section then the image will not be loaded, the browser will load CSS rules first and then load images if necessary.

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