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How i can show preview description of messages?

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  • inzerat

    Like this: https://ibb.co/QN7SwTN

    For better user orientation

    For example, the first 100 characters from the most recent message.

    via some snippet?


    + is possible send this preview to user email too as a new notification?

    ihor developer

    Adding something like this requires code customizations, you can use the %message_text% token in the notification email for the message text. I also added this to the roadmap Ideas https://trello.com/c/Mwq36Yv2/29-display-a-few-words-from-the-latest-message-in-the-conversations-list


    hey thank you


    @ihor It would still be good to add a token (from username) who it is.

    something like this:

    You have a new message from %from_user%

    ihor developer

    You can try using this one:


    But the sender username is already set in the email subject: “New message from…”.


    @ihor How to indent a new line?

    You have a new message from...
    ihor developer

    You can use HTML formatting, e.g. this tag for line breaks:



    @ihor Hello, please add token for link of listing… When someone responds to an listing…It is not visible on which listing the buyer is writing

    ihor developer

    It should be visible above the message on the site front-end, but if you mean emails there’s no such token at the moment – thanks, I’ll consider adding it.

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