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How it is affected & disable manual typing of location

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  • it_in2006

    1) I added mapbox to hivepress site but don’t know if I enable
    Allow users to change radius
    Generate regions from locations
    Hide the exact address
    Where is it affected.

    2) In past my location attribute was ‘Text ‘ which now comes with arrow sign where location can be tracked using ‘ know my location ‘ of mobile etc. but sometimes instead allow knowing the location people manually type some address & that address does not shows any map on listing page when I can see listing. How can I disable manually adding of location & only one feature ‘ to grab location & fill the location info’ in attribute form .

    yevhen developer

    1) Allow users to change radius – this allows adjusting radius in the search filters form.
    Generate regions from locations – this will generate a region (e.g. country, city) for each listing location, region pages will show the corresponding listings like categories, you can check regions in Listings/Regions.
    Hide the exact address – this hides the exact address, but it currently works with Google Maps only.

    2) Sorry, there is no option to disable the auto-completion, and sometimes tracking the current location is not available (this depends on the device, browser, etc).

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