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How to Add Location with map & Hours along with Get directions button

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    Hello Ihor,

    First of all, I must say that HivePress is one of the best plugins I have ever used on WordPress till date. And you have been prompt at giving awesome support all the time. Thank you so much!

    I am not well versed with .CSS just for your knowledge. I want to know if you can help me on how to add on both user front-end login page and on listing page with these options:
    The end result should ask user to add these fields below and display on listing page:
    1. Location 2. Map below location 3. Address below map 4. Get direction (button) below address
    5. Operating Hours beside Location 6. Date and Time format: Mon 11:00 am – 9:30 pm 7. Listing must display “Closed” if someone is searching beyond the timing 8. Listing must display “Open” if someone is searching within the timing set by the user.

    Thanks for your great support.


    Thanks, glad you like it!

    The changes you described would require customizations in HivePress templates, and there’s no “opening hours” attribute type at the moment (but I plan to implement this as an extension in the near future). The location (below the listing title) is already linked to Google Maps where you can get directions. If you’re familiar with PHP please try making these customizations, or you can hire someone via Fiverr for making these changes.


    Hi ihor,

    Many thanks for your response. I will try to add those. I have one more question, I have added multiple attributes for multiple listing categories. So I want to know how to guide users while they fill out the listing attributes? Example:
    Phone number format I use is 999-999-9999 and I want to convey the same message to users when they are about to enter the number. Similarly with zip code format and other attributes format. So, I want to know if there’s a way to add user instructions as title “?” beside the attributes such as phone (?) if they click on the (?) they can read the instruction how to enter the attribute field info. Or if they entered incorrect value the return error field must guide the user with the exact information to enter.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Stay safe.


    Hi ihor,

    Also want to know how to change the default “Title” attribute to “Ad Title”. Thanks!


    1. It’s possible to set a custom description for each attribute when you edit it, it will appear below the field label. You can also set a custom format via Regex pattern

    2. Please try changing this field label with Loco Translate, this is the easiest way to replace static texts without code changes

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