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How to add phone number in a proper format

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  • TiffinBoxService

    Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to add phone number to a listing website as an attribute. How can I do that using this theme?
    Like if I add it as a number it comes in a format like this 1,234,567,890 (Should be like: 123-456-7890)
    Here is my website :

    Will appreciate any kind of advice. I do not have any coding experience.

    ihor developer


    You can add a text attribute and restrict allowed characters using this Regex pattern:


    It allows spaces, dashes, numbers, brackets and +. Attribute settings should look like this I also recommend limiting the max length.


    Thanks a lot for that. So how can I limit the max length and to what. Can you please give an example

    ihor developer

    There’s a “Maximum Length” field in attribute settings, you can set it to some reasonable limit like 50 characters, so users will not be able to input a large text.


    Thanks Good work 🙂

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