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    Hello Ihor I just downloaded your website theme and plugins recently and I love it.
    I just have a few queries…
    I have gone through your support questions and I couldn’t get a clear answer.
    Like on how to add a filter form to the search form block, I have tried using your css codes but they are not working. Or maybe I’m doing it wrong, maybe you can explain more please on this subject.

    Plus I wanted to enquire if one can add a drop down inside a selection. Let’s say I create an attribute of states, for each state I a sign a city. Can one have an option where in the search form it shows the states, once one clicks the state of there choice then a drop-down appears shows the respective city?
    Also I have noted one can’t write anything below the listing page. What if I use my listings page as home page, how can I optimize it for seo? Or is there a way of adding things below the listings?


    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. On the css for the search form block kindly do a tutorial or explain in detail so I know how to go about it please.


    I have also read one of your topics on how to create a new badge. I know the featured badge rank higher. How can one make let’s say I create one with premium to rank higher than all of them?



    Thanks, I’m glad it’s useful!

    1. There’s no such option at the moment, so it requires code snippets (this is already implemented within the plugin, but there’s no front-end option yet). I plan to add it to the next update.

    2. Please try using Geolocation extension for this purpose, so users will be able to select location on a map, and HivePress will fetch location details automatically. There’s no regions feature yet (separation by states/cities), but there’s a location radius search.

    3. Listings page displays all listings with pagination, you can try using Listing blocks instead to display a few sections with selected listings, and optimize them (e.g. display one section with featured listings, another from some specific category etc).

    4. It’s easy to add a new badge and display or hide it for each listing, but adding some functionality to it requires advanced customizations (like changing listing position based on this badge). You can try using the built-in “featured” badge for this purpose.


    When is the next version being released?


    What if I want to use an attribute for the locations part??? Cause I created an attribute with locations but it appears state,state city state city state…its irregular how can I make the main option shows then once someone clicks on it it shows the sub options like categories


    @Isaab I plan to release it in a week.

    Please try using Geolocation extension for this purpose, dependant attributes are not implemented yet, and even if they were, they wouldn’t be linked to locations (latitude/longitude). I will add some kind of categories to Geolocation extension sooner or later, please consider using the radius search for now.


    @ihor @isaab Cant you just create a listing block then display them in random order and put the number to 1000? That’s what I did for all listings on my website


    Sure, but eventually this may slow down the site (depends on the number of listings). Also, if you set random order then caching is disabled, by default listings are queried once, and then their IDs are cached.

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