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Home Support General HivePress How to add thousand separator on price attribute?

How to add thousand separator on price attribute?

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  • tigerwong

    Hello dev, new user here 🙂
    I have been playing around with hivepress and listinghive since yesterday. My overall experience was good with some minor complaints hehee.

    One of the most importants for me is how to add thousand separator on numbers that was generated by attribute? I need it in pricing for example.

    ihor developer


    It seems to be a bug, I’ll release a new version of HivePress tomorrow and this will be fixed. Please feel free to post feature suggestions, any feedback is appreciated.


    That’s great news! I’m really happy to hear that. But you shouldn’t forget while thousand separator is good for value like pricing and currency, it wouId on the other hand make another value like phone numbers looks bad. I have another report about this.

    When I select attribute > field type > number, and input a value started with 0 (zero) i.e. mobile phone numbers, the result will be displayed without 0 (zero).

    While this is not a major issue for me since I can always force a 0 with 0%value% or countrycode%value% or even use text as field type instead of number, I think it’s worth to let you know.

    ihor developer

    Please try using the text type for now, I’ll add a separate attribute type for phone numbers. Number type will not work here because phone numbers can contain extra symbols like +, brackets etc.


    Got it ?

    There is more important bug I want to report sir. I made large selection of attributes but not every listing need them, therefore I assign each attribute to each category where it’s needed, BUT….

    Front-end editor won’t work when an attribute was assigned to categories. You cannot submit the listing until you remove it.


    New Report: Thousand separator is affecting numbers value in field-type text and text-area too.


    Report: listings marked as featured do not appear in search results

    ihor developer

    Please try to deactivete HivePress and activate is back, it seems to be an issue with the upgrading process (this should resolve the fratured listings issue).

    1. I will check the category-specific attributes issue and release a quick update if there’s a bug, thanks!

    2. Please provide more details about this issue, shouldn’t the number be formatted if the attribute value is numeric?

    ihor developer

    I couldn’t reproduce the attribute issue, if possible send details for reproducing it. I added a category-specific attribute and marked it as required, then tried to add a listing for another category and it worked (this attribute was hidden and not required).

    ihor developer

    Number formatting and attribute issues are fixed in the latest version, so closing this topic.

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