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How to add vehicle/auto listing category

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    How to add vehicle/auto listing category with searchable vehicle data? The category accessible on the main from like all other categories.
    I am a beginner – thank you in advance.



    You can add a category in Listings/Categories and then assign the custom attributes to it (in Listings/Attributes section), like vehicle year, VIN, etc. so they will appear only for listings within this category.


    Hi. Thank you
    How would i get the data in, that is, make, models, years, etc. Is there no compatible auto listings plugin?


    There’re no pre-defined attributes for vehicles, you would have to add attribute choices manually, or import them with some plugin (like WP All Import, if you have a CSV list of models).


    If there are many options – like a list – how can it be imported in the right Attribute – pls guide


    Attribute options are stored as terms so you can import them from CSV or other format using some import plugin, like this one For example, if you name an attribute “Some Name”, then the taxonomy of attribute options will be “hp_some_name” (prefixed with “hp_”, in lowercase with underscores).


    Thanks Ihor – do all Categories need to have a picture – I noticed that if there is no picture – it does not even show the Category – so one cannot post into it.
    And if I wish to use this method of Import and Export WordPress Data as CSV or XML – then how to add pictures to the many Categories using this – i will check the plugin – but if you have an idea – pls share.
    Thank you very much


    Images are not required, category preview displays a placeholder image if there’s no image set. If you use some third-party plugin for importing categories you can try mapping image IDs (image ID is saved in the “hp_image” custom field for each category).

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