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How to assign Region to Listing

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  • Bogdan

    Hi, I have checked Generate regions from locations. I have created new Region Czech Republic. But I don’t know how to assign existing Listings to this new Region.

    yevhen developer

    Please try to change location for listing and it will be assign to some region (or create a new one if it does not exist)


    I did. Nothing happened. None Region created, none assigned… The same if I created a new Listing

    ihor developer

    If you use Google then the API key with HTTP restrictions will not work for back-end requests (those generating regions). We plan to add a separate field for the “secret” back-end field, meanwhile please try removing HTTP restrictions from the existing key and set the API quotas instead for security (in the Google API console).


    HTTP restrictions switched off. Still nothing


    I had restricted Geocoding API. After enabling Geocoding API it started to work. Thx

    ihor developer

    Please also consider restricting other 2 API quotas (Maps and Places) since the public key is visible in the website HTML (until we add a separate option for a private key).


    You mean Maps JavaScript API or any other Maps API?

    BTW – my …/listing-region/… pages always show NOTHING FOUND 🙁
    Regions are created automatically during updating/creating new location. But the page is empty – on all levels

    ihor developer

    Yes, all 3 APIs enabled for the API key (Places, Maps JS API, Geocoding). Please try refreshing permalinks after you enable regions.


    After refreshing everything OK, thx

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