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How to bulk modify?

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    I bulk import listings (44,500+) and need the location to get the hp_longitude and hp_latitude without going into each listing, selecting the drop down of the exact town, state, country and saving again. Is there a way to quickly do this?

    ihor developer

    It depends on the way you import listings, e.g. if there’s a CSV file with the location column (text) I’m afraid that the only way is adding latitude/longitude columns automatically (via a custom script, or maybe there’s an online geocoding service), and then importing listings.

    ihor developer

    Please note that I tested HivePress with 10,000 listings max, if you decide to use HivePress with 44,500+ listings please report any issues because I want to make it as scalable as possible.


    Bulk importing of 45,000+ works just fine. Takes about 2 hours.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, let me know if you notice any performance issues with 45,000+ listings.


    I found a free Google Sheet add-on that helped me get longitude/latitude for bulk import.

    Geocode by Awesome Table
    Video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozjSCoJGgVc


    1. Limits to about 1,000 per day, but still helpful.
    2. Probably not a good solution for 45,000 listings, but may help others with a few thousand like me.


    ihor developer

    Thanks for posting the solution!

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