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How to change default author

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  • BrownC

    Hi there,

    How do I change the default author, ‘Brian’?

    ihor developer


    If you imported demo content this author should be synced with your admin account, so if you change your profile (e.g. name, image) it should be changed on the front-end.


    On the back end when I’m editing a post it says it was authored me, but on the front-end it says all the posts were authored by the demo author/vendor ‘Brian Peterson’ and I’m struggling to change that. How would I be able to view a list of all the vendors on my page if people sign up to add listings in the future?

    ihor developer

    Please try updating your profile in WordPress/Users/Your profile section, the front-end author profile should be synced. There’s no separate list of authors at the moment, but this feature is on the roadmap.


    Thanks ihor, I managed to change the default author. We can close this ticket

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