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How to change header of listing pages?

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  • carolinalallana

    Hi, I need to change the featured image size al least a half of actual size, so text of description could be seen before the scroll line.

    And I wonder too, if there is a way to put the featured image by the left or right side of the listign title header, so the hearder block would contain both title and featured image.

    Excuse my short english.

    These theme is a wonderful work. Congrats!


    Thanks! You can customize the image sizes with this code snippet Advanced layout changes like moving the image to the left column would require code customizations.


    I tried, but it still is a too big area for the feature image on the listing page. How can I do it smaller?


    The default aspect ratio for images is 3:4 (the most popular one for photos), if you mean that it takes too much space in height then the only solution is reducing its height, or customizing the layout to display images in a different way, or in a different section.

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