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How to change the (add listing) button text and + RTL supported?

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  • Moutasim

    Hi there,
    I just want to change the (add listing) button text in the right upper side of the theme, but I don’t know how? and one more thing, Does this theme support RTL, if so How to do it?
    Thanks 🙂


    Please try following this screencast, you can change any static text this way There are no RTL styles yet, if you’re a developer you can submit RTL styles to HivePress, it’s an open-source project.


    No I am not good in back-end web development But I am fully fluent in Arabic as my native language with an excellent English, Therefore, If you provide me with an RTL I can Translate all of it to Arabic, If you can we can collaborate to make it happen


    You don’t have to wait for RTL styles to submit the translation. If you already translated your site to Arabic you can simply export the PO file and import it here So other Arabic-speaking users will be able to use it.

    I’m working on HivePress full-time – sooner or later RTL styles will be added (or maybe someone will add them), but there’s no ETA yet.

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