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Home Support Extensions Geolocation How to create location field in ads?

How to create location field in ads?

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  • tmiletic021

    How to add a location when creating ads/listings, so people can use the search form?

    Another question is: do i need to create api key to have that “location” field in the search next to “keywords”?

    ihor developer

    Please use the Geolocation extension, if you set a valid API key for Google Maps then there will be a location field in the listing and search forms.


    Thank you! I will.
    Can you please tell me how to make possible for vendors to enter their phone number, to show on their vendor page?


    ihor developer

    Please check the screencast about adding attributes here You can follow the same steps, but for vendors. If you add a text attribute and set this value in the Regex pattern field, then only numbers, brackets and “+” will be allowed:



    Hi! Thank you for your answer.

    I did create a new attribute for vendors, but i dont see that field anywhere.

    Can you please clarify what does this mean:

    Areas (for showing on the front end, i dont understand what is what)

    Block (primary)
    Block (secondary)
    Page (primary)
    Page (secondary)

    And about the pattern you mentioned: do i need to delete the “value” or add that code after the “value”?


    ihor developer

    Please try updating some vendor and check where the attribute appears, these areas are different for the block and page views (they are basically the same as the listing areas). If you select the “Text” type for attribute, there will be a “Regex patter” field below after saving the attribute, please set the suggested value to restrict the input. You can leave the “Format” field without changes.


    i install successfully, but kindly guide me how can we create custom add listing form and

    ihor developer

    I answered in your other topic

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