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How to customize the Account page

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  • flantascience

    Hi – I’m trying to find where to edit the Account page.

    For example, if I want to add a heading to the top of the page saying “User Dashboard” or add links to the sidebar menu.

    ihor developer

    There are 2 ways to edit the account pages, using Templates or code customizations
    If you mean adding new menu items it’s also possible, but requires custom code snippets


    When adding a new menu item, how do I get the content of the link to appear in the right-hand side of the Account page? Similarly to when someone clicks the “Listings” link, it shows the listings on the same page.


    And when looking at the video re: Templates, I don’t see where to add the User Menu to the page. What is the name of this block/widget?

    ihor developer

    If you mean adding some custom page content that corresponds to the link you add this would require the advanced customizations, e.g. adding a new template based on the account page. If you’re familiar with customizations please check how the existing account pages are implemented in hivepress/includes/templates, along with their URL routes in hivepress/includes/controllers.
    If you added a template that overrides the user account page please check if there’s a block named Menu in the block list.


    For the template builder tool, I only see a “Navigation” option for a block, and the User Account menu isn’t a selectable option. (only ‘footer’, ‘header’, ‘properties’, and ‘social’ ->

    With the customization, when I look at the /hivepress/includes/tempates/class-user-account-page.php, I see line #55 references ‘page_content’ ( ‘page_content’ => [], )
    But don’t see any way to “send” content to fill this area of the page.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for reporting this, it seems to be a bug, the template-specific blocks disappeared. We’ll release a fix for this as soon as possible (via the HivePress update).
    If you want to create a new template programmatically this would require adding a custom HivePress extension and adding a new template in /includes/templates that inherits the User_Account template, also a URL route for it. If you’re familiar with customizations please check how the existing user account Settings page is implemented.


    I made some progress. I got three new menu items to show up. However, the “Submit a Listing” is the only one that is working. I believe the issue is with the ‘Route’. For the Submit a Listing page, there’s an existing ‘Route’. But for the other two, I added the URL to the page, and its not working. Any guidance? (Code is below)

        function( $menu ) {
                'label' => 'Submit a Listing',
                'route' => 'listing_submit_page',
                '_order' => 123,
                'label' => 'Calendar',
                'route' => '',
                '_order' => 122,
                'label' => 'Your Files',
                'route' => '',
                '_order' => 121,
            return $menu;
    ihor developer

    Please try using the “url” parameter instead, then items will be linked to the static URLs you set, instead of HivePress routes.

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