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How to differentiate users?

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  • l-o

    Firstly, Thank you for all your hard work.

    How can I make a login form where you can register as a job provider or job seeker, and have the the job provider require approval by admin to create profile and block job seeker from creating listings( jobs)

    Also how can I rename +Add Listing to something else and is there any way to edit the layout of cards and listed item page maybe with elementor?

    Thank you in advance Ihor!


    Or maybe how to make it work along Ultimate member plugin, after installing it i can no longer sign up using your register form,

    ihor developer


    I suggest sticking to HivePress forms and features, so your site will be as fast and secure as possible (I can’t guarantee this for third-party plugins). There’s no vendor approval yet, but I plan to implement it. Please consider approving listings for now, if you reject listings for some user then vendor (company) profile will not be created, user should have at least 1 listing for this.
    Listing layout depends on the theme (I also plan to create a separate theme for job boards), at the moment the easiest way to customize these is via CSS snippets, you can check the snippet suggested here to make listings horizontal

    ihor developer

    You can use this plugin or this one if you want to change many strings The textdomain for strings is “hivepress”.


    Thank you for the quick feedback and great work

    ihor developer

    Thanks! If you have a moment, please rate HivePress on WP repository It really helps because if more people find HivePress via reviews, the more bugs are reported, as a result HivePress becomes more stable and secure.

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