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How to display items inline in Primary (page) block?

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  • blacklevel

    How to display atributes items inline in Primary block?
    I want to some group of atributes inline in Primary (page) block (like in Block primary)
    For example:
    I have created aributes
    And want to display this group of atributes in line (row), but not in column.
    It is possible to separate some group?


    Now shows:


    Need to show:

    Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Etc..


    Have you tried using css?

    display: inline-block;
    float: left;

    ihor developer

    If you’re familiar with CSS please try customizing this area via web inspector. I’m also working on a new Social Links extension that will be released in 2 weeks, it will allow setting social links for listings and vendors.


    Looking forward to Social Links extension. You rock, ihor!

    ihor developer

    Thanks! I’ve just released it Any feedback is appreciated.


    Looks very good, but is there a way to add other networks?
    For example: Telegram

    ihor developer

    Do you mean adding a Telegram channel link, or a phone number to redirect users to a private chat? I plan to add private chat links like Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber to the next version.


    hm,,, Both are good, but i think that group / channel link is more actual.
    Also please dont forget to add oldscool private chat link – Skype

    ihor developer

    If you plan to purchase this extension it’s already possible to add a custom network with a simple code snippet (via HivePress API), it’s more complicated if it’s not a simple URL (like the private chat link).

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