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How to display map on listing pages

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    Hi all,
    I’m baffled as to how to display the map block on listing pages, as it is shown in the demo. It’s probably something really simple that I’ve overlooked. But how do I display the map on full listing and single listing pages?

    What I’ve done already:
    – generated a google client id via google console
    – entered id into hivepress>settings>integration section
    – checked that search section on home page (as per demo) is working correctly


    Please make sure that you set the Google Maps API key (not client ID) in HivePress/Settings/Integrations section, also that this API key has both Maps and Places APIs enabled (you can check this via the Google API console). Then, if there’s at least 1 listing with location set the map should appear. You can test if the API key is correct by entering some location in the search form, there should be a drop-down list of suggestions from Google Maps.


    Hi ihor, again thank you for your prompt response.

    I’ve checked the above, maps and places api is enabled, and suggestions show up in the search forms – yet still no map.

    I did notice that there a few ‘maps’ choices –

    – maps javascript api,
    – maps sdk for android,
    – maps sdk for ios,
    – maps static api.,
    – maps embed api,
    – maps elevation api,

    Should all be enabled?

    Would the map block show automatically, or do you need to add it? If so, where? Widget section or on the specific page? Type of block?

    Thanks in advance

    Oh, btw how do I show the price slider as in the demo listing page filter section?


    You can send a link to your site and I’ll check it, usually there’s the detailed error from Google in the browser console. The map block and the location search field are added automatically. If there’s at least 1 listing with location set then there should be a map in the sidebar.

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