How to do a city search

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    How it can be done so that each user chooses which city to search.


    You can try using the Geolocation extension For example, it’s enabled on the demo site


    please tell me is this google API key paid? After inserting the key, will this section appear in the site search engine?


    Please check their pricing here They seem to have a $200 free credit every month, so they’ll charge you only if you exceed this credit. The API key is set on the back-end, it’s not indexed by search engines.


    I had planned to put the Google API in the search engine of the site, a section with a selection of the city will appear, will I have to include it from the second place?


    This extension doesn’t add a drop-down of cities, it adds a worldwide (or countrywide if you limit it to some country) location search. Users can search for some city in the location field, or click on the “Locate Me” button to set their current location. The HivePress searches listings within a radius from this location (15km by default).

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