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How to export – import Options associated with an Attribute for many values

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    I have some Attributes which are Select dropdowns and they are supposed to have many Options as values to choose from.

    Suppose I have an Attribute called Pin Code and I have say 200 options for this attribute. I can enter a few – and then ideally I would like to export it to a CSV – and then add the others in Excel – and then reimport it.

    I have installed WP Export and WP Import plugins – but I am unable to figure out how to get the options.

    Normally when I Export – I am able to export the Attributes – but I cannot figure out how to also get a list of all the options associated with each attribute.

    I would maybe prefer to have a separate CSV file exported for each Attribute with all its options – so that I can edit, add more etc – and then reimport it.

    Maybe I have used the wrong plugins – Please guide me – on how to do this.

    Thank you very much


    Selectable attributes are implemented like custom category types (taxonomies) in WordPress. If the import plugin has an option to export/import taxonomy terms then you can export/import attributes. For example, if you name attribute “Pin Code” then it’s taxonomy is “hp_pin_code” (prefixed with “hp”, in lowercase and with underscores instead of spaces).


    @Ihor – i tried with two import plugins – sadly they dont show Attributes.
    Finally i tried with Phpmyadmin – and i exported first – then modified and reimported two tables.
    I wish i could find a plugin to make it work.

    Can a single attribute be tied to 2-3 Categories ?

    Or if that is not possible and if the Data in the Attribute has to be cloned or replicated under a different name but with same options – is there an easy way to do it ?

    For example – I am planning a Matrimonial Listing – in this
    i have an attribute called Citizenship – with a list of countries
    Resident Country is another attribute with same countries
    Country of birth can be another attribute with same countries
    Desired country of residence after marriage can be another one with same countries

    In a Job Posting – the same attribute will be called
    Holding Valid Work Permit for countries – with same countries

    Please suggest a good way to manage this.
    Thank you very much


    @Ihor – in PhpMyAdmin I had to work with 2 tables – wp-terms and wp_term_taxonomy
    is that right ? any other tables which may be involved ?


    Have you tried WPAllImport? It should list selectable attributes since they are registered as taxonomies. Adding them manually to the database would be pretty hard.


    i have not tried this as yet – they require a large sum of money for the plugin


    Please check if their free version supports importing terms Also you can try to import countries as post categories via the default WordPress importer, and then change the taxonomy from “category” to the “hp_…” attribute slug via PHPMyAdmin.

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