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How to filter listing by attribute value

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  • mwasikow

    Hi! Great work, this plugin is awsome! I want to make a page with a listing of specific category AND specific attribute value. For example I have a category People and attribute Sex. I want to show only females.


    Yeah, that’s quite easy.
    All you need to do is go to Listings > Attributes > Add New > Give a Title > Select field type as either multiple or radio buttons > Click on publish > Under Editing Section, edit option appears > Click and set your options > Save > Update . Done !!


    Thanks! If you mean displaying listings with pagination, at the moment the only way is searching listings by the criteria you mentioned and copying the page URL. By default, only categories and tags have their own pages with custom URL slugs.


    @igor, Thank You. It is some walkaround but it would be great to have widget displaying listings with pagination with parameters: show/hide filter, enable/disable modificacions of the filter, initial filter settings


    Thanks, I’ll consider adding this feature.

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