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How to fix https://www.google.com/maps/search/?api=1&query=,

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  • vdrive6

    When i click the address URL in a listing, it show and redirect to https://www.google.com/maps/search/?api=1&query=, rather than actual address place.

    ihor developer

    If there’s an empty URL like this it means that listing location is set incorrectly, it seems that it’s set as plain text and not selected from Google Maps suggestions. If you select it via Google Maps API then latitude/longitude will be added to the URL parameters.


    I have the same problem. Of course, it worked locally, and after being transferred to a web server, it did not. I can’t fix it. Please help


    the topic can be closed in my case. the solution was the php hosting version. (7.4 by default). I set 7.2 and everything works great

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