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How to make image height fixed? (with variable width, background gray)

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  • joseantonio

    This could be a feature request, or maybe @ihor you can guide us on how to do it.
    Let me explain.
    When you got more than 1 images on a listing, you have the slider/caroulsel of images.
    But if the images are sized different, and when you navigate thru the images in the carousel, its ugly that the page alone itself swipe up/down (change size) because of the image being sized different.
    My suggestion would be making height fixed, and the width too! And for the width, you could make background gray, for example. So that, even if you have different sized images, the slider/caroulser will always have the same size.
    Sorry for my english, let me know if you can help us and if I can clarify more.
    Best regards!


    Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll try to implement this, but as far as I know, WordPress doesn’t stretch images if they are smaller than the required size, it only resizes crops larger images. Images should be at least 800x600px to be the same size (e.g. any photo made via a modern smartphone is much bigger).

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