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How to make url and title SEO friendly

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  • simonsimon


    I want to make the search result of the geolocation feature to be SEO friendly. for example, users search by choosing Hotel property type and New york and geolocation, the title H1 will show hotels in New York and also the domain and slug should be “hotels-in-newyork” so the people search in google for hotels in New York I can rank this page. is that possible?


    I think the developers are planning a regions extension for this purpose – I think i’ve read a few months ago here maybe @ihor can confirm?

    ihor developer

    Yes, but we decided to release it for free as a part of Geolocation. It’s 90% ready and we’re testing it, should be available within 2 weeks max.


    Great but I didn’t understand what exactly this extension will do?

    ihor developer

    It’ll create a page for each of the location regions, so there will be a friendly URL, for example:



    OK sounds great this is exactly what I need to launch my website. waiting for this update.
    How can I know when you updated this feature? will it show as an update available on the Geolocation plugin on the WordPress dashboard?

    ihor developer

    Yes, the Geolocation update will appear in the Dashboard/Updates section.


    Hi, I updated the geolocation plugin but still can’t control the URL permalink.

    yevhen developer

    If you mean changing link slug then please check this topic


    it doesn’t work.

    I need the slug to be exactly like the search term. for example:
    If some search for apartments in New York instead of permalink like this:

    it will show like this:

    yevhen developer

    The region pages have the “listing-region/region-slug-here” structure, it is not possible to remove the “listing-region” part because WP uses it to detect the page and layout type to show. URLs like “/some-slug-here” are used in WP for regular pages. You can try removing the listing-region part with some code tweaks (please search for “remove taxonomy from permalink”), or rename the listing-region part, but there is no such option in HivePress at the moment.


    You didn’t understand me. I don’t want to remove the taxonomy slug. I want to make the link SEO-friendly and make it easy for search engines to index it. so the permalink should contain the search term.

    So let me know the answer to these 3 questions:
    1. Is it possible to show just the search term (City name) without any other part of the slug (latitude/longitude).
    2. The searching page with a listing list is assigned as a search result page in WordPress, so how can I index this page? I want the search engine to index all searching terms.
    3. How can I make a title with H1 Tag “you search for: “search term”

    Hope you understand me.

    yevhen developer

    Please make sure that you enabled the new Regions feature and added or changed any listing to generate new regions, it seems that you are checking the default search page with latitude/longitude, this is not a region page. Once regions are enabled, you can check them in Listings/Regions section – they are similar to categories, each region has a URL like “/listing-region/new-york” and it can be indexed. It also displays the region name H1 tag.

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