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How to send am email to vendors when they post listing.

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  • natsu

    Hello, ihor!! I hope you’re doing great.

    Is it possible to send an email to vendors when they post listing without approval?
    I have not set listing approval but still want to send emails when they post listing.
    Can I do that via mail setting?
    Or do I need additional code?

    I also find this post

    Since setting section was changed, now I can’t find a section to change setting for an email automatically sent to admin when somebody post listing.
    Can I change these mails go to admin and vendors at the same time?

    Thank you in advance!

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I hope you’re well too.
    It’s possible to create a custom email notification for new listings (added without moderation), but this would require code customizations. The easiest way would be to trigger it when the Listing Submitted email is sent (if it’s sent for non-pending listings).

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