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How to send emails asking people to claim their listing

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    We have been collecting info to build our directory and are starting to import it to HivePress. Do you have any recommendations on how we can start to send emails to the email addresses we’ve collected asking them to claim their listing?

    Basically… “Hey, we’re a new directory… We’ve created a complementary listing for your organization so people can more easily find you at: [listing link].

    If you would like access to edit your listing, create an account and click the “Claim Listing” link in the top right of your listing….”

    How can we automate this?



    I suggest using some third-party services for sending multiple emails, like MailChimp or SendGrid. Automating sending out these emails may require customizations, or you can try importing listing titles, URLs, and business emails to CSV and importing it into the email sending service.


    @ihor Thanks. It seems I may need to get a WP dev who can implement this stuff. Please let us know if you ever start selling support services.


    If you find a developer I can help with some general guidance, e.g. where HivePress stores the verified status, listing title, vendor email, etc.

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