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    Ihor, I have a question about the marketplace: to make it work, how should WooCommerce be configured so that it understands the purchase of that listing? For the user making the purchase, how does authentication work? Will HivePress authentication automatically understand that the user who is buying is another authenticated user? Should I keep my WooCommerce profile and checkout pages? Should I do any configuration? If so, could you please send a mini tutorial in my email? Your plugin was the only one I could find to do what I want on my client’s website without going to the source code. Hugs and thanks in advance!


    ihor, there is also the possibility that, when a user buys an ad, this ad becomes disabled or has some similar status, causing the “buy” button to be disabled? Or something like that? My project consists of a sports sponsorship platform, where an athlete in this case will be the advertiser and the user who will “buy” that ad will be the sponsor. In this, the idea is that the ad, when acquired by a sponsoring user, that ad would become “sponsored”. Thank you!


    It actually works with default settings, you only need to disable the guest checkout (so users will be able to view and manage orders via their account) and add payment methods. Also, once you install WooCommerce there’s a setup wizard that will ask you to provide the store details, suggest third-party plugins, etc. WooCommerce pages are required for the store to function. You can also check the documentation sections one-by-one, they are set in the order of setting up the marketplace

    There’s no option to limit the number of purchases yet, but I’ll add it to the next version. If there’re a few listings you can try setting this manually (by setting the stock quantity to 1).


    Okay, I’m going to follow the Marketplace documentation items. My question was just what you need to configure in WooCommerce. The pages should then exist but I don’t need to do anything with them right? The pages are created automatically by Woo so do I leave them as they are correct? The only thing I need to do is just set up a payment method in WooCommerce, is that it? Because there are many options in WooCommerce and I don’t know what to configure or not. Following only the guidelines in the Marketplace documentation, will everything be working? Will a configured user making a purchase have the order items in their profile? Is it the same link, account, as HivePress? Thank you!


    Another thing, during the purchase, how to display the cart page to an authenticated user? In addition to the cart, can you show the checkout? Thank you!


    1. Yes, you don’t have to edit these pages, they are automatically set up by WooCommerce. You can edit page URL slugs or titles though if this is required (e.g. if pages were imported in English and your site has another language).

    2. Sure, the default settings should be ok (you only need to disable guest checkout). You can enable some payment method for testing (e.g. bank transfer) and try purchasing some listing as a new user, and then checking a new order for both vendor and buyer.

    3. This extension skips the cart page in the current version, because there should be products from the same vendor per order, so the commissions and balance will be calculated correctly.

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