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How to setup Company Name correctly

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  • martin

    If i have “Generate username from the email address” checked in the settings (Settings/Users), the companies who sign up to be able to post new job listings only gets to fill in their First Name and Last Name after they have done their first step of the registration. From what i can see, they cant put their company name anywhere.

    That means when you click the “Companies”-page on the front end, you dont see what company is advertising the job unless i manually change this when i approve the listing.

    To get around this, i unchecked the “Generate username from the email adress” in the settings, to the users get to fill in a Username (that i changed to be Company name via translation, to make it easier for them to understand that it should be their companies name). This seems to solve the issue, except that in my country sometimes the Company Name contains ÅÄÖ, and these characters is not accepted in the Username.

    How can i solve this? 🙂

    ihor developer

    Please create a custom Company attribute in Vendors/Attributes (with the Text type and any restrictions of your choice), and enable its front-end editing. Then you can select this attribute as the vendor name in HivePress/Settings/Vendors/Display section, so companies will be able to define the company name in a separate field (it works this way on JobHive demo).

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