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How to show chosen category when posting an ad?

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  • ianantwalks

    Hello Everyone.

    On this page:


    It looks like this when a user chooses a category and proceeds to create a new ad:


    How can I add ‘Category’ to this page which shows what category they have selected?

    I just want to make it easier so people can see what category their ad will appear in before they post a new listing.

    Many thanks.

    ihor developer

    There’s no such option at the moment, categories are displayed on the first step of the listing submission process (also user can switch the category by clicking “Change Category” to return to the first step).


    Hello ihor.

    Thanks again for replying. I appreciate it. Any chance of adding this as a feature request?

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’ll consider adding the current category to the listing details form, or some kind of breadcrumbs for the listing submission process.


    Thanks ihor, that would be great!

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