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How to show ratings on front (category list) page

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  • chris

    First, thank you for this wonderful software. It’s elegant. I just started playing around with it and will definitely need those upgrades soon.

    My question is regarding the reviews plugin. I would like the stars/reviews to show up on the category listings page along with the attributes, just like how you have it here:

    The ratings are only visible when the single page( listing) is clicked currently.
    Am I missing something? I was thinking to hardcode a function in but might be too much.

    Thank you.



    Ratings are displayed by default if you installed the Reviews extension. If they are displayed on the single listing page, and not on search/category pages please make sure that these pages are not cached.


    Hi ihor,
    I cleared the caches and it does not seem to fix it.
    Thank you.


    If possible send a link to your site and I’ll check this issue, the rating should appear in both areas (in the listing block and on the listing page).

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