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How to still edit listings on the front-end after vendor claims

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    Hi ihor,

    1) I noticed that when a vendor claims a listing I can no longer edit their gallery images. There’s a vendor who needs help but I can’t edit on the front-end .

    2) I noticed that when a vendor claims their listing it wipes all the information that was already inputted

    3) Is it possible to see what the ‘claim your listing’ form looks like and add to it?

    -Thank you

    ihor developer


    1. Front-end editing is not available once it’s claimed, but you can still upload images via back-end, please click “Add Media”, then select “Uploaded to this post”. If you upload images they will be added to the listing gallery. Also, you can drag images to re-order them, and then just close the modal window.

    2. Please let me know what info you mean, listing attributes, description, etc?

    3. There’s a single “Details” text field by default, if you mean adding custom fields it’s possible, but requires code customizations.

    I received another bug report related to Claim Listings extension so it will be updated soon.


    Thank ihor,

    1. Sorted
    2. i’m referring to attribute details like website, contact details etc. it deletes after you approve a listing claim then the owner has to re-fill it in
    3. Okay cool, not vital in that case.

    ihor developer

    This is strange, I’ll check the claim approval process before releasing the next update (I also received a few bug reports via email).

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