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  • levati

    Is there possible to set textarea attributes with html tags? Not all of them (for security reason).
    But some would be nice for ordered/unordered lists or paragraphs, for example.

    ihor developer

    If you mean allowing HTML tags in listing description it’s not possible at the moment, but I’ll add a new attribute type for this, for example “Editor”.


    That’s would be nice. Thank you.


    I’ll add a new attribute type for this, for example “Editor”.

    It’s very necessary feature. Would you plan to add it in the nearest plugin update?
    Or I should make modification by myself?

    P.S. I translate HivePress on Translate WordPress. You can approve it.

    ihor developer

    Yes, it will be available in the next version. Huge thanks for your translation, I’ll also add it to the next version and correct a few things (some strings had no context and comments). Currently I can’t approve it, only confirmed WordPress translation editors can do this.

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