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I am struggling with being able to approve “pending” requests

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  • Devon

    Hi all,

    Thank you very much to the huge press team, the theme is brilliant!

    I have a question. I am struggling with approving pending listings as well as selecting theme as verified or featured. I am able to acces the lisit8ng page through the dashboard but am not able to approve the listings so that they show on the site. Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance



    Please send more details about this issue, you can approve listings by simply clicking “Publish” on the listing edit screen, is there some error message when you click it?


    @ihor, a good feature would be to be able to approve a listing directly (by clicking on a link) when seeing it in the list of all listings in WordPress. Instead of clicking on that particular listing and then on the publish button.

    Do you understand what I mean?


    Thanks, I will consider implementing this, but the main point of approving listings is checking the listing details first (in case if there’s some inappropriate content), and it’s visible only on the edit screen.


    @ihor – it would be nice to have an option to be able to bulk approve listings also – because sometimes you may know the lister. It would be nice to have this option.


    Yes, it will be enabled sooner or later, “Quick Edit” is temporarily disabled because it conflicts with selectable attributes.

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