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I as administration exceeded free limit package

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  • Mike

    I set the free package limit at 3. Now i can undo or edit it to set it to unlimited. I can add more Claim Listing or add more listings with paying.
    i don,t know why it is not set unlimited for adm.
    please help

    ihor developer

    It’s possible to change this for the package (in WordPress/Listings/Packages section) and the new limit will be applied for new users, but the limit for existing users who already selected this package will not change, it’s saved for each user separately on selection (because the usage is then different for each user). Please try registering as a new user and select a free package to test a new limit you set.


    I have a similar question. For example, I created a package with a fixed number of ads, and used all the ads in this package. The next time I want to add an ad, I am prompted to choose a different package. Is it possible to make packages infinitely repetitive, so that users have the opportunity to activate the same package again after it ends again?

    Since it is currently implemented, the used packages accumulate as garbage and fill up the useful space when the user returns to a new payment for a new package.


    You guys are doing a great job buy responding to people that fast.
    Problem solved. I just delete the free package and i have create another one and i set the the limit to millions for me but 3 for any other users.

    indigozza >>>>>i don’t know what kind of website you are making but the way you are talking it is like you want to make it free for users for ever. If so set it to millions that’s what i do, i don’t see any option for infinity.
    but don’t take my word for it Hivepress developers know best.


    Hello Mike. Can I look at your website, how are the packages implemented? I probably don’t fully understand how to implement them. Thanks

    ihor developer

    @indigozza It already works this way, but for premium packages only. The free package can be used only once, otherwise users would be able to re-select it indefinitely and they wouldn’t purchase the premium ones. If you still want to allow re-selecting the free package there may be a workaround if you link it to a product with zero price.


    @ihor Thank you very much. You took the headache off me 🙂

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