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I can’t add anymore hivepress plugins in my site?

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    I’m trying to use the plugin that lists all the listings on my home page but I can’t find it. In fact I only see 1 plugin in the entire widget section. I must have done something wrong. Because non of my plugins are available to use. Would appreciate it if I could get some help. Thanks!

    Heres what I mean. No other options besides “hivepress reviews”


    This is strange, have you tried to type “hivepress” in the block search? It seems to be the same issue as and it was a conflict with Yoast SEO (this is a popular plugin and I’ll check its compatibility in the next version).


    Ok for now should I try deactivating yoast?


    I tried deactivating it, still doesn’t work. Super weird, what should I do? should I just wait?


    If this issue remains please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it. It would really help because I’m trying to reproduce this issue for a while now, it would be fixed in the next update. You can send one-time access without password using this plugin

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