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I want to edit elements, change the text, the language, and more.

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  • OriKovatch

    I got the JobHive theme (looks GREAT!), I want to change the text in the elements, like the job search bar, the call to action (the button) says: “Search”. I want to change it to something else but I can’t edit the elements via Elementor…

    Hope you will help me.

    ihor developer


    You can use Loco Translate plugin to change any static text without editing the code, please try following this screencast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iek2sPYZGa4&ab_channel=HivePress


    It doesn’t work, I changed everything, translated every word but it didn’t transfer it to the live website

    ihor developer

    Please make sure that you followed the screencast step by step, if you added a new language (instead of editing the translation template directly) in Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress section like it’s shown on the screencast then texts should be changed on the front-end.


    I did everything, adding a new language, change the original language and it didn’t work.

    Do you know a way someone can see my dashboard? or anything else?

    ihor developer

    Sure, please send temporary WP access via email to support@hivepress.io and I’ll check this issue.


    Great! Thank you so much! It’s working!

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