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Resetting free package limit

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    Hi Igor I couldn’t remove the limit from the free package all day today, I found a file limit.php and set the min value to 0; but it still didn’t help. Igor please make sure that you can not specify the limit for placing free ads or that you can re-select this free package.2. By the way, Igor, I asked you a lot of things I did myself with CSS, I want to put a title to the ad descriptions and prepared the code just please tell me where all the title, description are stored. what would I be able to post. 3. Igor I made a separate profile page but it opens even to non-registered people where to place the code please tell me. Yes, I know this is not your responsibility, but Igor, please tell me, I will even donate an amount to you via PayPal as a sign of gratitude. Thank you in advance!

    ihor developer


    1. The free package can only be used once (otherwise users would re-use it indefinitely without purchasing any other packages), at the moment there’s no way to reset this for some specific users, but you can assign a premium package to this user by creating a WooCommerce order manually.

    2, 3. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I can’t help you with customizations, this is not part of HivePress support. Please consider hiring someone via some freelancing platform like Fiverr/Upwork (or any other of your choice), any developer with WordPress experience will be able to help you.

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