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Image resize in search and in listing pages in Taskhive

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  • elioberga

    I found some soggestions on how to resize images on Listinghive theme, but not in Taskhive.

    Is it possibile to know what to write in the snippet to resize categories image after the search and the image of the listing page?

    Thanks a lot.


    I manage to find a way with snippet reducing the percentage of their size, just it resizes all the images at the same way, in the search results and in the listing pages.

    In general it would be really good to make it easier to personalize also the theme elements (primary page, secondary pages, header, listing pages, search result layout etc..) since it’s a premium and paying theme, with an integrated page builder or at least with a detailed guide..

    Maybe I just didn’t look well 🙂

    I’ll keep trying to understand!!


    ihor developer

    If you want to change the image cropping rules for the search pages only please make sure that you’re overriding the “landscape_small” image size, then the listing pages images will not be affected (they use the “landscape_large” size).

    Thanks for your suggestions, I’m working on HivePress (and its themes) full-time so there will be continuous improvements. I initially implemented all pages as sets of blocks so once these are integrated with Gutenberg or Elementor all static pages (like My Account page) will become fully editable. At the moment you can edit pages available in WordPress/Pages section (e.g. the home page), I recommend using the built-in WordPress block editor to keep your site lightweight (also HivePress is integrated with it).

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