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Image Sizing and duplication

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  • jaimevivesfilms

    Hi! I’ve got two questions:

    1. This question is the most important one. My site ( is about creative people, which means their listings are pretty much their portfolios. When they upload a photo, it crops automatically into the default aspect ratio. I tried the “Regenerate Thumbnail” but when they upload now the larger photos or portrait photos, they would take most of the page, instead of staying within a similar size, but the right aspect ratio (hopefully that makes sense). I really need to figure out a way to make that happen because otherwise they can’t really show their photos properly.

    2. Also most of them are pixellated, is there a optimised size for those files?

    3. My host provider has sent me an email saying that the FTP is almost full. I checked and it looks like there are a lot of photos duplicated when they were resized, which means that now I have tooons of photos. Is there a setting for that by any chance?

    Thanks a lot for your help,

    ihor developer


    1. The only way to do this at the moment is via changing the cropping rules in Settings/Media or CSS tweaks, I’ve also added this to the backlog and will try to find a solution for the future updates (maybe by setting the max gallery height).

    2. Please make sure that you set sizes that are enough to cover the image areas, if the generated sizes are smaller they will be blurred.

    3. You can remove unused image sizes with this plugin HivePress image sizes have the “hp_” and “ht_” prefixes. By default WordPress generates a separate image file for each size.


    Also such a problem installed the plugin removed everything .hp .ht but nothing happened


    Everything works thanks


    Hi @ihor!

    Thank you so much for your help. I have installed the plug in you mentioned, do I just need to disable the ones that don’t have the prefix “hp” and “ht”? just want to make sure that I won’t delete any photos from the users.

    Thank you so so much for your help!


    ihor developer

    I recommend disabling image sizes without the “hp_” and “ht_” prefixes since those are used by HivePress, so they should be available. You can disable some blog-related image sizes.

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