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    I apologize for building sentences. I am from Ukraine therefore I write with the help of google translator.

    Hello, the image upload button is unstable. On some mobile devices, nothing happens when you click on it.

    This problem can be seen on one of the pages on my site


    If possible provide more details, is there some specific device or software I have to use to reproduce this issue (e.g. Android or iOS version)?


    on many android devices (ios not tested)


    Could you specify the Android version, also the browser (and its version) you’re using? I don’t have an Android device but I’ll try to use some browser emulator.


    I have the same problem.


    The device, browsers…I can not define. But when the users want to upload the image, some of them can not do that with all devices. I tell them to change the browser or device (mobile or computer) and after that everything is ok.


    The browsers users use most: Safari, Android Webview, Chrome, Samsung Internet. The mobile device: Apple iPhone.


    I’ve just tested this with Safari and Chrome on iPhone, seems to work. Let me know if this occurs with some specific browser type and version (you can ask users), I’ll check and fix this.


    Thanks for the reply. I also tested many times from the same mobile. It works, but sometimes it bugs.


    Please let me know if you find any specific details that will allow reproducing this issue, then I’ll be able to debug and fix this in the next update.

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