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    Hello again, I am using this code snippet, but it does not show me the image (it does not bring the address of it), what is the error?

    <div class=”” style=”background-image: url(‘<?php echo esc_url( $array->get_image__url( ‘ht_portrait_small’ ) ); ?>’)”>

    ps: it is the part that doesn’t work, other fields like the title if I can load them without problems; It is with the image that I cannot


    Another query, how can I extract the featured image from a category?


    1. Please make sure that the $array variable in your code example contains the listing object.

    2. If you have a listing category object, please check how the featured image is fetched in the HivePress source code https://github.com/hivepress/hivepress/blob/master/templates/listing-category/view/block/listing-category-image.php


    Since the listing is just a custom post type you can also get listing image in this way (by listing ID) https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/get_the_post_thumbnail_url/


    I still have the problem to extract the image from a category, this is my code:
    function salcodes_cat( $atts ) {

    // Taxonomy for product categories
    $taxonomy = ‘hp_listing_category’;

    // Get parent product categories’
    $parent_product_cats = get_terms( $taxonomy, array( ‘parent’ => 0, ‘orderby’ => ‘slug’, ‘hide_empty’ => false ) );

    foreach ( $parent_product_cats as $product_cat_obj ) {
    $term_id = $product_cat_obj->term_id; // term ID
    $term_name = $product_cat_obj->name; // term Name
    $term_slug = $product_cat_obj->slug; // term slug
    echo ‘<br>’;
    echo $term_name;
    echo $term_id;
    echo $term_slug;

    $thumbID = get_post_thumbnail_id($product_cat_obj->term_id);
    $imgFeatured = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $thumbID, ‘thumbnail’ );




    I tried to guide myself from the source code but I still can’t find the solution.
    What I can do?. I need to list the HivePress categories with their image, (to later add different functionalities to those of the theme, for example redirect a category to a certain template)


    any solution?


    Sorry, but I can’t verify and test your custom code, it’s not part of support (it includes help with existing features and fixing bugs), although I often provide simple code snippets. Please try using existing blocks or shortcodes for displaying categories, like [hivepress_listing_categories]. If you have to code a custom solution please check the WordPress developer docs and/or HivePress source code.

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